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After joining the Revolutionary Army, Sabo was personally trained by Hack and Monkey D. Dragon[20] and attained tremendous physical prowess by adulthood. Burgess then decided to take Sabo's Devil Fruit power and the two subsequently clashed. Sabo then unleashed fire to protect the pirates from Kizaru's light beams and created a fire wall to give the pirates safe passage, allowing Luffy to see him and the Ace illusion do this in tandem. Später wird er von Dragon gerettet und mit zur Revolutionsarmee genommen, wo er aufgrund seiner Verletzungen unter einer Amnesie leidet, die so lange andauert, bis er vom Tod seines Bruders Ace aus der Zeitung erfährt. 2" of the entire organization, ranking directly under Monkey D. Dragon himself.[2]. 2:29. He was also able to beat Ace twenty four times, although he lost to Ace twenty six times. Sabo remained with the Revolutionaries from that point on, where he eventually became committed to their ideologies. März Following Doflamingo's defeat, Sabo met some of the Straw Hats and they were shocked to learn that Luffy had another brother before listening to Sabo's story of losing his memories. [33], After the chaos in Big Mom's territory, the Marines became aware of Sabo's connection to Luffy.[34]. [10], Als Chef des Generalstabs kommt Sabo gemeinsam mit Hack und Koala nach Dressrosa, um sowohl Waffenlieferungen aus dem Land zu unterbinden, die zu kriegstreiberischen Zwecken in der ganzen Welt vertrieben werden, als auch um Aces Mera Mera no Mi in dem Kampfturnier des Corrida-Colosseums zu gewinnen. As such he stopped Admiral Fujitora and his forces from advancing after Luffy[30]. Alias: Sabo's dream involves traveling around the world as a pirate. Festa attempted to shoot Sabo by surprise, but Sabo defeated him first with Hiken and captured him. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He was then spotted by some police officers looking for him, forcing him to run away. Follow. [10], He was then seen standing next to Bartolomeo at the observation deck. He had round eyes, a missing tooth, and short curly blond hair. While participating in the final round at the Corrida Colosseum in Luffy's place, he wore Luffy's cape, fake beard, and viking style helmet. As Sabo entered the waiting room, he was confronted by Rebecca - who noticed that he was not the same Lucy as before. Sabo resolved to protect his remaining brother at all costs. [11], The revolutionaries later left Dressrosa and they apparently took all the weapons and evidence relating to the Donquixote Family's smuggling operation before CP-0 could recover them.[67]. [40], As the battle raged on, Sabo asked Issho why he was acting oblivious. [73], While hiding underground with the revolutionary executives, Sabo resolved to save Kuma from his enslavement to the World Nobles.[74]. While riding the bondola with Sterry and the Neptune Family, Sabo assured Sterry when the latter was terrified after seeing a group of crows. Manga [20] Because of Sabo regaining his memories during the aftermath of the Marineford War and the revelation of Luffy's heritage, it can be presumed Dragon was made aware of the relationship between Sabo and his son while Sabo learned of Dragon's relation to Luffy. He also was exceptionally skilled in stealth and could jump out of a window several stories up without injuring himself. Status He permitted him to join the Revolutionary Army after the boy begged them not to send him back to his parents. Sabo and the Revolutionary Army Commanders hidden in Mary Geoise, ready to rescue Kuma. Although Sabo's rank of Sanbō sōchō (参謀総長) is commonly translated as Chief of Staff, it differs from the actual translation of Chief of Staff, which would be Sanbō-chō (参謀長), as used by Cabaji. According to Luffy, Sabo is a nicer older brother than Ace. Sabo has shown incredible mastery of Busoshoku Haki, which he can imbue into his arm or his pipe. Aujourd'hui nous retournons dans le passe. A Flashback to the Battle of Marinefordsees Luffy temporarily rescue Ace from execution but ultimately fail when he is killed in battle by Akainu. サボ However, she was content with Sabo living with Ace and Luffy. In the past, Dragon spared his time to listen to Sabo's story. However, this difference is lost in common translation. Koala is happy for him when he finally reunites with his remaining brother, and also attempted to comfort him over any lingering feelings of regret he may feel over his inability to protect Ace - showing some closeness between the two. Problem with my logic is that we still don't know how strong Burgess really is. Sabo replied that he was doing his duty as a brother. After Zoro expressed his surprise at discovering that Luffy had another brother besides Ace, Sabo noted that it was probably most surprising for Luffy, as he had thought he was dead. Als Luffy von seinem Großvater Garp in die Obhut von Dadan gegeben wurde, waren Sabo und Ace bereits beste Freunde und hatten durch kleinere und größere Diebstähle einen größeren Schatz angehäuft, als Luffy sie entdeckte am Rande des Gray Terminal. He also uses Haki to increase the strength of his fingers. She waved to him but then noticed that he was not the same Lucy she knew. [39] He later destroys the entire arena of the Corrida Colosseum, which was tough enough to resist all the previous battles between the New World gladiators with Haki enhanced physical strikes. #one piece #sabo x luffy #sabolu #luffy #sabo #yaoi dj #bl dj #one piece dj. He saw that Luffy had not told Porchemy anything yet and told Ace, and the duo broke into the pirates' hideout. Sabo's signature hat floating beside the flaming wreck of his boat. Sabo apologizes to Ace for not being abl… 10 THE LUFFY AND BOA HANCOCK SHIP HAS SAILED YET AGAIN! Luffy also thought of Sabo as a kinder elder brother than Ace. [60] Sabo separated from the group while escaping. 6 years ago. She also attends his battle at the Corrida Colosseum. Sabo immediately refused, still having the feeling that he must not return to his parents no matter what. When the Sky Prison Santa Maria explodes, he send some unknown comrades to save Isaac, fullyfing his promise to save Jeanne's brother[76]. In den Gassen der Stadt traf Sabo auf einen Mann im Umhang – Dragon – der mit Schrecken Sabos Worte vernahm, er habe genug von diesen abscheulichen und menschenverachtenden Zuständen. While hunting in the woods one day, Sabo was kidnapped by a vampire and taken away. 1:57. Personendaten In his adulthood, Sabo has become a master of the Ryusoken fighting style, which revolves around the use of grips, which he refers to as "claws". Sort: Relevant Newest # asl # one piece # ace # luffy # sabo # one piece # ace # luffy # sabo # film z # monkey d luffy # one piece # portgas d ace # one piece gif # luffy cry # ace one piece # ace # luffy # sabo # shanks # mugiwaras # one piece # monkey d luffy # sabo # portgas d ace # asl brothers # asl # one piece # ace # luffy # fu # anime # cry # … Sabo wird zwar nicht erwähnt, aber Ruffy fängt, bei einer Begegnung mit einem mysteriösen Mann, an zu heulen und sagt dann zum Schlussdes Kapitel 731 im letzten Panel. To Sabo's shock - Doflamingo revealed to the city that the prize for the tournament was the Mera Mera no Mi, the Devil Fruit of his late brother Ace. As the pirate Douglas Bullet rampaged through the island in a massive colossus, Sabo encountered Smoker and the two briefly battled to a draw. Er schließt sich Dragons Armee an, lernt von Dragon, wie man kämpft und ist zwei Jahre nach der Schlacht von Marineford Chef des Generalstabs. It was then revealed that Sabo had put on Luffy's former gladiator clothing and had taken on the identity of Lucy. [2] While facing against Issho's Marine platoon, Sabo has been shown imbuing his weapon with fire, showcasing that he quickly attained control of his Devil Fruit power. [2] After he and Koala reunited with Robin and met Usopp, they later watched in shock as Doflamingo initiated his "bird cage" plan and created a "game" which gives the citizens of Dressrosa a choice to either kill him or a list of people he offers to them.[59]. Infos zur Fernsehserie After things had settled down and Luffy and his friends went to Kyros' house to rest, Sabo went there during the night to see Luffy's face one last time. Status: Zuhause erfuhr dann Sabo, dass er einen kleinen Bruder hat, Sterry, den Sabos Eltern als Stammhalter nach dem Verschwinden ihres ältesten Sohns adoptierten. After Rebecca noticed that he was not the original Lucy, Sabo confirmed this and told her that the old Lucy was his younger brother, Luffy, and that they were from the Revolutionary Army. [77], On the fourth day of the Levely, Sabo and his group battled Fujitora and Ryokugyu to rescue Kuma. Luffy never thought that Sabo also had the same ability as him. With it, Sabo is able to become the element of fire and control the flames from his body at will. seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. 100 cm (3’3½”) (flashback)[6]187 cm (6'1½") (current)[4] 20. By adulthood, Sabo could knock away Burgess, an enormous man with a single kick when Burgess attempted to kill an exhausted Luffy to steal the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Recent Top. His bounty of 602,000,000 proves that the World Government views him as an extremely dangerous threat. At age 22, Sabo has retained much of his old personality, although he appears to have adapted many mannerisms from Luffy, including his brother's tendency to mispronounce the names of others. Although he had amnesia for ten years and forgot Luffy and Ace, Sabo regained his memories after Ace’s death. [61], While Luffy and his allies from the colosseum charged up the New King's Plateau to reach Doflamingo, Sabo was shown preventing Issho and the Marines from going after them. [15], Upon his departure from Dressrosa, Sabo visited Luffy again and gave the Straw Hats Luffy's Vivre Card, of which he took a piece, and entrusted Luffy's well-being into their care similar to what Ace had done. [39] His mastery of Busoshoku Haki is superior to Bastille's, as shown when the Vice Admiral attempted to cut him down with Haki enhanced sword strikes; not only did Sabo manage to block his Same-kiri Bocho, he even managed to destroy the entire blade with relative ease. However, after discovering the news that Ace was killed in the war from a newspaper article, Sabo's memories of Ace quickly returned to him after seeing his photo, which in turn brought back the rest of his lost memories. Affiliations: The two had a brief battle until Gild Tesoro's defeated body fell between them, and Lucci took his leave. Sabo responded that he knew these things about Luffy already. [4], Als Trio trainierten sie die nächste Zeit und sorgten auf der gemeinsamen Jagd für ordentliche Mahlzeiten. When the finals was about to start, Sabo was the first to enter the arena, cheerfully asking Ace to watch over him. Sabo was able to beat Luffy in sparring matches fifty times in one day. Größe Burgess grabbed his knife and went in for the kill, but Sabo blew him away with Fire Fist. Issho noted that Sabo was not all talk after all, but asserted that he also had a title and reputation to maintain and used Ferocious Tiger to make gravity go horizontally with enormous pressure, destroying several buildings in the process as the sheer force made Sabo burst into flames as he charged forward, clashing with Issho once more, causing Sabo to ponder just what the admiral was plotting. Out of all the children Revolutionaries who were soldiers-in-training, Sabo alone excelled in the rigorous combat training regimen of the Revolutionary Army, being capable of keeping up with Hack, a powerful expert in Fish-Man Karate and eventually defeat Hack while still a child. Source: Sabo responded by saying that he had also heard bad things about her too. He did later show difficulty of controlling his fruit however, which is typically displayed by new Devil Fruit users. Chapter 583; Episode 494[1] Da er ihrem Plan im Weg zu stehen schien, mit dem Schatz Piraten zu werden, nahmen die beiden den kleinen gefangen und fesselten ihn an einen Baum, um ihn zu töten. However, he was ready to cast aside his dream for the sake of his loved ones. Despite his regret, Sabo still remains determined to inherit Ace's power by obtaining the Mera Mera no Mi. Twelve years later, Sabo posed as a guard at the Levely and reunited with his adopted brother while the latter was unaware of his identity. 59: Kapitel 583 Sabo gets saved by Isaac[76] just in time for stop Sakazuki from attacking Luffy[75]. Sabo then contacted Hack before heading for the harbor on a flock of birds. Der Jungpirat war ganz begeistert von dem großen Schiff und war so nicht darauf vorbereitet, als Jalmack-sei mit einer Bazooka auf ihn das Feuer eröffnete und mit zwei Schüssen sein Schiff zerstörte. Er freundet sich mit Ace, später auch Luffy und beschließt mit ihnen die Bruderschaft. He knew his temperamental older brother only wanted Luffy to be safe, but it hurt knowing this one screw up would change his life forever. Both returned to their family to prevent their loved ones from getting killed and were threatened by their fathers if they did not cooperate (Luffy and Ace for Sabo, Both had pirates involved in their return to their families (the, He is the only known revolutionary to use. Morgan Garrett (young);Vic Mignogna (adult, One Piece Film: Gold, Episode of Sabo)Johnny Yong Bosch (adult, One Piece: Stampede) anime: one piecethis video is purely fan-madei don't own any of the anime or musicall rights go to the anime and music companyi do not own anything!!! Dadan was also stricken by Sabo's presumed death. Den dreien war daraufhin klar, dass Sabo am Grey Terminal nicht mehr in Sicherheit sei – also quartierte er sich kurzerhand ebenfalls bei Dadan ein. Sabo, Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, and. Funi English VA: The anime reintroduces Sabo an episode before he meets Luffy and Bartolomeo, where he is seen briefly looking at the entrance to the arena inside the colosseum before setting off to find Luffy. Sabo possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki. "Sabo" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Sabo attacked Burgess with Flame: Dragon King, sending Burgess crashing through several buildings.[66]. One of the reasons behind all this could be the "segregation" that envelopes so much of the Goa Kingdom, a thing that could easily stir a freedom-loving spirit like Sabo's to ask himself what the world was really like outside the walls of High Town, and outside the island itself. Haarfarbe Like Luffy, Sabo does not take too kindly to people insulting Ace as shown when Burgess insulted and mock his deceased brother, with Sabo unleashing a brutal fire attack on him despite him never intending to kill 'the Champion' in the first place. As a result, the improvised greeting Sabo gives to Luffy in the anime is omitted in Episode 738, which adapts the full reunion from the manga. [55], He later met Rebecca after she left the arena. 131 notes. Er sah keinen Ausweg mehr – und so klaute er einfach am Tag der Ankunft des von den Aristokraten erwarteten Gasts ein Fischerboot, hisste die Piratenflagge und fuhr einfach aufs offene Meer hinaus, mit der Absicht, nie wieder zurückzukehren. Ace nodded standing up. Mera Mera no Mi He also informed Rebecca that they were there to stop the production of weapons that were promoting wars all over the world, and the place where they were produced was located somewhere else, declaring that it would be a nice souvenir for Dragon if they found it. Later on, Sabo arrived in Dressrosa incognito, ordering a plentiful amount of food from the restaurant as Koala (who was sitting directly behind him, facing the opposite side) informed him on the situation in Dressrosa. Later, after the round, he returned to his original outfit, which resembles his old outfit from twelve years ago: a long black jacket with a buckle on the left sleeve, with a blue shirt and vest, a frilled cravat, and a simple belt holding a pair of loosen light-blue pants with black boots (said boots are shown in greater detail in Pirate Warriors 3, to be wrapped with buckles and with cloth bracings). She has the stereotypical personality of a Noble, and only seeks to further her family's status. This may serve as a major spoiler as the special was shown before the episode in which Sabo was revealed to be alive, even though his actual face was not shown in the at this instance. The next night, when the Marines attacked Gran Tesoro, Sabo appeared on the lead Marine ship in order to stop Rob Lucci from attacking Luffy. Sabo disguised himself as one of the guards. At that point, Sabo resolved to protect his remaining brother at all costs, and that he would come to Luffy's aid wherever and whenever he needed him,[40] and that would not feel the grief of losing a brother ever again, having refused to live life with any more regrets - something he believed Ace would have never forgiven him for. He claims that his fingers are like the claws of a dragon. 0 0. jim. Eisenrohr Sabo told Rebecca that even though things would get rough, he would not do wrong by her - and noted the similarities between Dressrosa and his childhood country. One year later, Koala joined the Revolutionary Army and she, Sabo, and Hack went on missions together. Manga-Infos He himself even told Dragon how he was ashamed of ever been born as a noble. Initially, Bartolomeo was hostile towards Sabo when the latter told Luffy he would not allow him to have the Mera Mera no Mi only to be pushed aside. However due to Sabo already being a skilled fighter due to his training alongside Ace and Luffy, there was little Hack could teach him, so Dragon took over Sabo's training personally. In fact, they were like brothers, and Sabo was willing to forsake his dreams to save Ace and Luffy from his father's wrath. Bd. The Revolutionary Army escaped the destruction of Baltigo and they moved their base to Momoiro Island. [10], After questioning Sabo on who he was, and how he came to the conclusion that he was Luffy - given the disguise he was wearing, Sabo informed Luffy that he could never forget his little brother's face. サボ, ~) ist der Sohn eines Aristokraten aus dem Goa-Königreich, in dem ihm schon als Kind die menschenverachtende Lebensweise der Einwohner zu wider ist. In the manga, it is unknown whether or not Sabo was aware of Ace being Gol D. Roger's son. [47] At a checkpoint, Sabo was coerced into claiming that Ace and Luffy implicated him in their crimes in order to maintain his family's status. Sabo was silently amused by Sterry's fear of the outside world and assured him to maintain his cover.[14]. [11] Two years after Ace's death, Sabo deeply regrets that he was not there to try and save his brother's life, and not a day went by where he did not agonize over what Ace's final thoughts might have been. After the timeskip he continues to use a similar metal pipe, effectively battling against and defending himself from attacks by opponents as strong as Diamante, a top executive of the Donquixote Pirates, and Burgess, the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates first ship. So when he remembers Garp, he knows he just found a distraction. Log in Sign up. After pushing Bartolomeo aside, Sabo revealed himself to Luffy. [10] He had lost most of his memories from that point forward but regained them upon learning of Ace's death at Marineford. [11], In den Katakomben trifft er zum ersten Mal seit so langer Zeit auf seinen Bruder Luffy, der an dem Kampfturnier teilnimmt, um die Mera Mera no Mi zu gewinnen, die Donquixote Doflamingo als Preis für den Gewinner ausgesetzt hat. Erster Auftritt mugilamb. Felix Mayer In addition to basic hand-to-hand combat skills, Sabo also gained mastery of the Ryusoken martial arts. Finally arriving at Ace and Whitebeard's gravesite, Sabo pinned a newspaper article about the Straw Hats to Ace's tomb stone and told his late brother that Luffy was well on his way to becoming King of the Pirates. 187 cm At a very young age, Sabo ran away from his noble parents in the Goa Kingdom to live alone in the kingdom's Gray Terminal, and he met and befriended Ace not long after. Adalinebelcher49. [5], Das Zusammenleben fand ein jähes Ende, als Sabos Vater mit den Bluejam-Piraten seinen Sohn aufspührte und damit drohte, Ace und Luffy töten zu lassen, damit sein Sohn keinen Grund mehr hat, sein Dasein im Wald zu fristen. 22[1] Jahre Um seine Freunde zu beschützen, gab Sabo daraufhin seine Träume auf und willigte ein, freiwillig zurückzugehen, wenn sein Vater seinen Freunden verschonte. [13][14], Des Weiteren kommt er in Dressrosa auch in den Besitz der Mera Mera no Mi, welche er sofort verspeist, wodurch er die Fähigkeiten der Frucht erlangt. This is largely contributed by Sabo's inability to save Ace from death before the timeskip, a fact that Sabo still regrets to this very day. Kampfstil beherrschtes Haki He also wears a pair of brown gloves and the same top hat with goggles over the band. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nach einiger Zeit fand Dadan schließlich einen von Ace, Sabo und Luffy unterzeichneten Zettel: Die drei zogen aus und lebten nun in einem Unterschlupf im Wald. They decided to kill him to keep their secret safe, but were unable to, and freed him once they heard pirates coming. This is in order to write a book containing the story of everything he would see and every place he would visit during his journey. [46], One day, Sabo was apprehended by his father and the Bluejam Pirates. Sabo then drank from one of the three cups of sake he left in front of the grave and told Ace that he would inherit his power. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc. After Doflamingo announced his hit list, Sabo was surprised to see that he was included in the list alongside Rebecca, Robin, and Usopp. [12][10], Als Kind war Sabo, genau wie Ace, für sein Alter außergewöhnlich stark und bezwang gemeinsam mit diesem und mit Eisenrohren bewaffnet den Piraten Polchemy. In the anime, he was fully aware of this fact, as well as the one who informed Luffy of it. To this end, Sabo was willing to assault Sterry in order to learn about the plan to burn down the Gray Terminal. Afterwards, after Ace talked to Luffy about his actions, Sabo told them that they would become infamous among the pirates in Gray Terminal, so he went to stay with Ace's and Luffy's guardian Curly Dadan. Sabo seemed to sympathize with Rebecca and her family after seeing Doflamingo's actions on Dressrosa. It is shown that Sabo has gained an overprotective attitude towards Luffy as he held off Admiral Fujitora and told him that should Luffy ever need help, he would be there for him, having refused to ever lose another loved one ever again. Issho asked Sabo if that was his duty as a revolutionary. Someone stole Sabo … They eventually stop the battle in order to stop Lucci from unleashing a poisonous gas over the island. Sabo Sabo's appearance is similar to that of the character, Sabo's fate was hinted at twice. Sabo is really strong but his logia powers are yet to be as versatile as luffys abilites, luffy has better armament in gear 4, better observation, Conquerers haki, I don’t see any way sabo could beat luffy, even back at dressrosa. Since Ace died, not a day went by where Sabo did not agonize over what his final thoughts were. As an angered Luffy challenged him to a fight, Sabo reminded Luffy that he had another brother besides Ace. What is worse, Outlook had no confidence in him, despite wanting him to return, going as far as to adopt a stepson of higher status in order to have a backup heir. Have Sabo's hot attractive lustful sadistic evil bitch ass face Part 1. Blood Type: ! He sailed out of its way, but Jalmack was offended that he had crossed his path and so shot his vessel with a bazooka. Having learned of their attempt to kill all the people in the Gray Terminal, Sabo was the only person in the whole kingdom to try to save the people living there and was shocked and disgusted to see that the nobles in the kingdom knew what was happening but did nothing to help. He meets Jeanne, who shares the same protecting feeling towards her own brother as Sabo does for Luffy. Sabo desperately tried fanning the flames of the explosion caused by the first shot, but was caught in the second shot as it destroyed the ship entirely. Sabo fights Rob Lucci to prevent the agent from attacking Luffy. Doflamingo & Fujitora chase Law [One Piece 645] Collinshavon 2643. OnePiecePedia ist eine Fandom-Anime-Community. Tōru Furuya Before departing, he gave Zoro a Vivre Card for Luffy and kept a piece for himself. Sabo briefly spoke to her and then walked by noting to himself how similar Dressrosa was to the country he and Luffy grew up in. English Name: Sie sind auf hochwertigem Pergamentpapier gedruckt, um … Realizing he was nothing more than a way for his parents to secure wealth and status, Sabo fled to the Gray Terminal, leaving his parents to think he was dead. Sabo, Koala, and Hack arrived at Dressrosa in order to put a stop to a weapons trade that the Donquixote Family managed. Waffe The Pirate Ganzack, Revolutionsarmee episode 324, the … As an adult, Sabo became taller and more muscular. Erster Auftritt They also shared the dream to set out to sea as pirates and achieve freedom, Sabo initially planning to do so at age 17. He was enraged at the news of Kuma’s enslavement and torture by the Celestial Dragons. Sabo was a ten year old boy at the time of Luffy's flashback, the same age as Ace at that time. Type: Aufgrund des Schocks verliert er für drei Tage das Bewusstsein. After he realized that Sabo was still alive, he starts crying out of joy, thinking that he had died a decade ago. Five years later (12 before the present storyline), the two became friends with Luffy as well, and the three came to consider themselves "brothers", swearing an oath of brotherhood over sake. Zugehörigkeit As Jesus Burgess is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, who turned Ace over to the World Government, Sabo holds him accountable for his death and the Marineford War 2 years ago. After Diamante explained the rules of this round, a five-person battle royale commenced. Sabo is on friendly terms with his colleague Koala, having worked with her since they were both young teenagers. However, after having escaped his parents once more not long after they had caught him and taken him away from his adoptive brothers, Sabo had then already set sail on his own, but his boat was destroyed by a Celestial Dragon moments later.

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