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£132.00 + £50.80 postage. If your child i... Tandem Bicycle Kids Bicycle Barre Traction Bike Cover Bike Trailer Cargo Bike Cycling Bikes Inventions Toddlers. Followme Tandem Komplett Set Halterung ist um ein Vielfaches besser in Qualität, Stabilität, Verformbarkeit -> Sprich Statik und ist wirklich schnell montiert. Tag along bikes and towing options are well-known for their “wobble factor”. The FollowMe Tandem is available from Ben Hayward Cycles at Scotsdales garden centre, Horningsea. Swiss Designed FollowMe Tandem. The FollowMe Tandem is one of the most expensive towing options, but for good reason. Tow-bar attachments have issues with the child bike listing. Parent's cycle: For all 26" and 28" city, mountain (incl. If the child’s bike has a hollow hub on the front wheel (E.g. The FollowMe stows neatly away on the adult bike, so you and your child can ride in tandem or independently. FollowMe Tandem Coupling Complete Set Cycle individually, or be towned is the FollowMe motto. Every FollowMe Tandem comes with 3 different size "Child's Bike Front Axle Nuts Adaptors" Included with every FollowMe are 1 set of 5/16" * 26T Adaptors and 1 set of 3/8" * 26T Adaptors and 1 set of M9x1, so these are sold as spares or extras here, the other two sizes are not supplied with the FollowMe and only sold separately for child's bikes with a front axle thread size of M8 * 1.25 and M6. Med FollowMe beslaget monteret, kan der stadig s�ttes tasker eller andet bagage p� bagageb�reren. Unlike a traditional single-wheeled trailer bike, we can separate the bikes while we’re out. Adaptor to use an thru axle hub equipped adult bike with FollowMe's parent-child-tandem-coupling. Est. Follow us: The OFFICIAL UK FollowMe website. Designed and made in Switzerland the FollowMe makes family cycling a safe and fun experience. For more, better and safer cycling in and around Cambridge. Follow-Me tandem bike tag-along. This version is required for the likes of Islabikes, Frog, Hoy, Early Rider, Wiggins, Squish, Woom, Dawes Academy. Under transport kan beslaget monteres sådan, på cykler uden bagagebærer. Hi, It comes with everything you need to make it work, I'm using it on a 29' bike and it works great. 4 months ago. A Swiss design, the FollowMe Tandem is an clever parental tandem hitch for coupling a children's bicycle to an adult bicycle. With Shipping Warehouses across Australia our efficient retailer and distribution network ensure the best availability of our products nationwide. Thanks in advance, tolikos 4 months ago. FollowMe Tandem Cyclesense; 10 videos; 9,042 views; Last updated on Nov 16, 2015; A selection of videos that show the FollowMe tandem in action. Also, the FollowMe grows with the child: it can accommodate 12″ to 20″ wheels for bikes covering ages 3 to 9, although you’ll need to replace the down-tube bracket with each bike. COVID-19: Delivery time 3 16 to 19 working days to United States ( change country ) The Bicycle Tree Distributions trading as FollowMe Australia is the national Australian Distributor for all FollowMe Tandem products. Riding with the FollowMe is a much more stable and carefree experience than other options like the Trail Gator tow arm or even a traditional trailer cycle. It only takes a few moments to attach the frame to the adult bike: a little force to open it wide, then drop it onto the axle nuts, and it’s easy to turn thumb screws to secure it. With my son approaching the weight limit for his child seat I needed a new way to travel with him by bike. FollowMe Tandem Australia. Dispatches from. Passer til alle almindelige størrelser 12 til 20 tommer hjul (fra 3 til 9 år), Autostol, bagagebærer og sadeltasker forbliver fuldt brugbar, på voksen cyklen om FollowMe kittet er i brug eller ej, CYKEL-OPTIMISTEN.DK | CVR: 27013058 | Tranevej 15, 8700 Horsens  | Tlf. Standart FollowMe beslag til voksen cykel med hurtigsp�nd aksel eller quick realise aksel. Bottom-Line: A Great Option For Families Riding In An Urban Environment. This gives him a chance to ride solo on safer sections of the route, but also to use his bike at our destinations – this was very important to us: previously his balance bike often travelled with us strapped to the parcel rack. 4:26. It allows to attach or detach your child’s bicycle in less than 30 seconds, deploying or retracting itself behind your bicycle. We are based in Australia. Our son could not steer or turn his bike but could peddle which gave him independence and safety at the same time. It fits any adult bike and children’s bikes with wheels from 12 to 20 inches. Elles permettent de rouler avec son enfant en toute sécurité. : +45 2876 0098. The design makes it very easy to switch between attached and detached riding as required. Long-time member. rangers95. Place bid. You have the possibility of both safely towing your child through road traffic, or letting it cycle individually away from dangerous traffic. Adding the child bike is similarly quick and easy: roll the bike into the frame, slide its arm into the bracket on the down tube and secure with thumb screws. FollowMe Tandem, standard FollowMe quick release skewer, hook up strap inc carabiner, frame clamp for childs bike, 3 Sets of different size front axle adaptors for child's bikes with different size threads on front axle. Overall I’m really pleased with this product. FollowMe Tandem, standard FollowMe quick release skewer, hook up strap inc carabiner, frame clamp for childs bike, 3 x axle nuts for childs bike. Place bid. Les barres de traction et vélos suiveurs permettent de réaliser un véritable tandem vélo adulte/vélo enfant. Barnecyklen monteres let og hurtigt i beslaget, l�g m�rke til at forhjulet l�ses fast i beslaget og l�ftes fra jorden. Followme Tandem Komplett Set Halterung ist um ein Vielfaches besser in Qualität, Stabilität, Verformbarkeit -> Sprich Statik und ist wirklich schnell montiert. It should be manageable for anyone used to removing a bike wheel, or you can do as I did and have your local bike store mechanic do the fitting. Children's cycles: Adjustable for all the usual sizes from 12" - 20" (Age 3-9). the parent-child coupling is a clever device designed to make family cycling safe and fun. S� kan farmand bare k�re der ud af jeg skal nok f�lge med :-). FollowMe beslaget kan tage børne cykler fra 12" og op til 20" hjul . This is where my biggest criticism of the FollowMe lies: the frame rattles a lot when folded away, and requires periodic tweaking to minimise noise and to avoid clashes with the bike. Thanks to FollowMe your whole family is on the move together having fun and always safe. fullies), racing and touring bikes etc. 9 bids | Ends in 3 d 18 h 8 m . FollowMe Tandem Hollow Axle Version – Pre order comming soon- new stock is due in July £ 224.95 Select options; Related products. ☑️ 3-year direct warranty ☑️ Price match for all budgets. For more information visit the UK distributor at FollowMe Tandem is the most advanced bicycle towing system on the market today. FollowMe Tandem Review - Duration: 4:26. Consider the FollowMe Tandem. Kaufen, anbauen, keine Sorgen machen ob es hält. Monteret på Cyklen. £265.00. It is perfectly designed to be easy to use and incredibly safe. Once set up, use of the FollowMe is simple and tool-free. Better than a tag a long, better than a trailerbike or tow bar. If you are unsure as to whether the FollowMe will fit your bike please contact us via our contact form. FollowMe grows: Your child and its cycle will get bigger - this is no problem for FollowMe. 704 likes. Passer til 26 "- og 28" hjul Voksnecykler med udv. Seth & Phil's Tandem MTB Adventure - Duration: 9:26. L'avantage non négligeable du dispositif FollowMe est qu'il est possible de détacher son enfant lorsqu'il le … The initial installation takes a bit of work: replacement of the axle nuts or quick release skewers is needed on both bikes, a bracket placed onto the bike’s down-tube and the frame adjusted to the size of the child’s bike. gear med quick-release hjul. A Swiss design, the FollowMe Tandem is a clever parental tandem bicycle attachment for coupling a children's bicycle to an adult bicycle. When riding separately, the frame folds up and clips to the parcel rack, or seat post, via a fabric strap. Farnham, United Kingdom. FollowMe Tandem have updated their range to reflect the changes being made to kids bikes over the past few years. £234.95. FREE NEXT-DAY DELIVERY TO UK MAINLAND. You have the possibility of both safely towing your child through road traffic, or letting it cycle individually away from dangerous traffic. The FollowMe cycle hitch (aka the FollowMe tandem) retails for over £200 which sounds like an awful lot of money to spend on a piece of metal to connect your bike to your kids bike. Hjul med fast aksel eller navgear kan der tilkøbes adaptor som ekstraudstyr. One key fact is it is the most advanced cycle towing system on the market. Tow your child OR let them ride its easy ! FollowMe Cargo. Or, to haul your kiddo once they tire out? FollowMe Tandem Hollow Axle Version (SOLD OUT) £249.95. FollowMe beslaget kan tage b�rne cykler fra 12" og op til 20" hjul, Under transport kan beslaget monteres s�dan, p� cykler uden bagageb�rer, Med bagageb�rer er det nemt at h�gte beslagt p� cyklen, og stadig have plads til bagage. After investigating the available options the solution I went with was the FollowMe Tandem, comprising a sturdy frame which attaches to the rear axle of an adult bike and the front axle of the child bike. Allowing you to tow your child on their complete bicycle OR ride separate ! 0. Med bagagebærer er det nemt at hægte beslagt på cyklen, og stadig have plads til bagage. Ich bin damit sogar schon 15% Neigung runter gefahren (langsam). with quick-release skewer wheel attachment. An arm to the child bike’s down tube locks off its steering. They are also your point of contact if you have any questions about bike compatibility or other customer service issues. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. Two Guys, One Bike!!! The Islabikes Version is being replaced with the “FollowMe Tandem Hollow Axle Version” which has different adaptors for smaller bikes. In use the FollowMe feels very secure: the child bike is held upright with the adult bike, without the tendency to lean as I’ve often seen with tow-bar alternatives. The FollowMe tandem coped well on all terrains and we particularly liked the mudguard as it prevented our son getting a spray of mud in the face from the back wheel of the adult bike. 1 answer. delivery Thu, 17 Dec - Mon, 21 Dec. Fast and safe postage. This means there is little risk of damage to the bikes – I’ve heard of damage to head tubes caused by over tightening the clamps on these alternatives, in an attempt to compensate for this listing. With our bikes attached we have the ability to travel further, and faster, than he can manage on his own bike.

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